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    I can’t stop replaying this over and over and laughing

    I wish we got to know that mushroom more because….

    maybe it’s f r i e n d l y

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    if anybody asks me why i hate men, i’m just gonna redirect them to this post.

    it’s pretty fucking obvious that men only want to invest in breast cancer research to further degrade, objectify, and jerk off to body parts they already feel 100% entitled to. that’s what is at stake for them. 

    what about the women whose “tatas” weren’t saved? how must they feel being surrounded by awareness ads that focus more on keeping women’s sexy-sexy-titties-to-continue-titillating-the-males than saving real life human beings and helping survivors? 

    If anyone’s wondering, those posts came from here. It’s a forum for breast cancer support. Give it a read, and you’ll see how many women are outright abandoned by their husbands, sometimes after being married for decades, because their “tatas” couldn’t be saved.

    This culture of “save the tatas” even goes as far as the doctor’s offices themselves. Most doctors request that the husband be present during surgical consultations, as though he has an equal say in the patient-professional discussion.

    If the woman is single, as was my case, doctors have actually recommended postponing surgery until she finds a relationship, because “it could be nearly impossible to find someone who accepts it [your unnatural tatas] in years to come”. 

    I’m 15 months post-mastectomy, and the date I had this past week was the first time since then that a guy hadn’t reacted negatively to my scars. The relief was so overwhelming that I was fighting back tears. When I told him —essentially warning him that my body wasn’t what he must be expecting — I felt so guilty; it seemed to have the same weight and shame as telling someone I had some sort of an incurable STI or a felony record.

    I shouldn’t have felt that way. I should not be ashamed of choosing to live. 

    Thank you for your important commentary! I hope you find someone who can love you for who you are and admire your strength as a survivor.

    holy shit this just makes me so immensely disgusted and i actually feel sick to the core??? just. holy shit.

    when my mother was getting a surgery consult for the lumpectomy, the surgeon actually insisted i was in the room with her and kept asking my opinion ABOUT MY MOTHER’S BOOB even though we were both visibly uncomfortable with the situation

    i mean for fuck’s sake i’m her son, that’s a: awkward as hell and b: it’s just a fucking TIT, who cares if it “looks good” as long as she fucking LIVES, jesus god damn christ, why is it that doctors think a man has to sign off on a fucking tit???

    fucking infuriating

    anyhow fuck “save the tatas” campaigns

    this culture of belief of men’s entitlement to another person’s body, is one of the greatest shames in society

    fight breast cancer for the lives, for the humans, not for a body part their life does not depend on (people don’t die from loosing a boob, they die from cancer damnit! the boob is disposable, life is not, and the person is not!)

    of course, good reconstructive surgery should be available for all those who find it an important way to feel comfortable about themselves.

    but when husbands and partners act like this about a lost breast, or even about some damn scars? that’s an insanely superficial attitude…

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  4. Guillermo del Toro's Book of Life {x}

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Try out these Halloween themed color palettes before October ends!
Nightscape: #0d0d0e #17151d #292c59 #29589f #2796ffSour Apple Candy:#bac683 #98c246 #439e11 #204e00 #1b2600Ruby Witch: #450019 #78021f #7e2c2e #965336 #cdad75Starry Eyed: #080320 #180433 #48096f #d5b774 #f7ff71Raven's Way: #0b0908 #110d0c #1c1112 #500813 #830013Pumpkin Fever: #c3e76a #b7ea31 #f4b227 #ff5003 #6f0083 Halloween: #ffe558 #ffae2f #ff5a00 #832e01 #080202


    Try out these Halloween themed color palettes before October ends!

    Nightscape: #0d0d0e #17151d #292c59 #29589f #2796ff
    Sour Apple Candy:#bac683 #98c246 #439e11 #204e00 #1b2600
    Ruby Witch: #450019 #78021f #7e2c2e #965336 #cdad75
    Starry Eyed: #080320 #180433 #48096f #d5b774 #f7ff71
    Raven's Way: #0b0908 #110d0c #1c1112 #500813 #830013
    Pumpkin Fever: #c3e76a #b7ea31 #f4b227 #ff5003 #6f0083
    Halloween: #ffe558 #ffae2f #ff5a00 #832e01 #080202

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    My math binders are always red every year I feel like math is just a red subject

    Math is a blue subject and I’m prepared to fight you over this

    Excuse me bitch math is green science is blue

    hell no math is blue. science is green. literature is red and social studies is yellow


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By Robert Weiman


    By Robert Weiman

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Relationship goals.


    Relationship goals.

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